When did you know? | Menopause

When did you know?

  • As there is not a definite 'test' for perimenopause, I'm wondering how you knew something was happening to your body? 

  • I first noticed something was wrong when i'd just turned 40 and each month I spent 2 weeks out of 4 just in a cloud. I was so sad, not tearful just very, very down. Then all of a sudden after about 2 weeks, it would go and I thought that was that. But this happened for about 6 months and in the end it was just unfair on the whole household not just me so I went to see my GP and they said it was PMS and I went on the pill. This did work for about 12 months then all the symptoms and so much more came crashing down on me. Memory loss was particularly stressful for me.  Night times, I had so many long nights just lying in bed with my eyes closed but not actually sleeping a wink, and then the nights when i did sleep,  I'd wake literally dripping in so much sweat I had to strip the bed, then and there, even in the middle of the night. I couldnt focus or concentrate in the day and I didnt want to see anyone either. I lost interest in doing all things, I only felt safe at home. I remember I had a particularly stressful day out in London and my heart raced all day long, I was so anxious. Yet, this was something I've done many, many times with no fear. After a few months of this I got in touch with Newsons Health in Stratford Upon Avon and had a video consulatation with a GP there and they suggested I try HRT. It was nice to know I wasnt going mad!

  • @Paula Bennett many of your symptoms resonate with me too. Heart thumping- is a great way to describe it. Glad you were able to find help at the health clinic too 🦋

  • My husband noticed there was something up. I'd become very forgetful and making crazy decisions. I'd actually put in my calendar the weeks not to make big decisions but never thought perimenopause. I'd spend one week crying, and ripping hubby's throat out and another ripping his clothes off. 

    He was worried about saying anything so he too me to a public coffee shop and brought it up there (to protect himself he said). I hadn't even thought about it I thought I was just stressed. He had noticed that the days I had Ladys mantel tincture for my period pain I was a lot calmer so we agreed that when I noticed the emotions growing higher to start the tincture in my drinks once a day. It's worked a treat. And not having it everyday should hopefully avoid me building tolerance to it. I have it on a glycerine as I don't have alcohol. I also grow it and have it as a tea on occasion.

    I'm a lot more balanced now. I'm still early days but it has made me wonder though who supports the men during this time because I do wonder about some of the crazy ideas I have during these fluctuations. (Would I have sold the house, would I have changed jobs, would I have moved country) I think perhaps they need to be taught how to navigate the crazy that comes with menopause.

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