Don’t let your menopause symptoms disrupt your career

Don’t let your menopause symptoms disrupt your career

These statistics on the impact of menopause on women and their careers is shocking:

  • 72% say they feel unsupported at work.
  • 25% consider leaving work because of their experiences.
  • 20% take time off to deal with their menopause symptoms.
  • 90% feel unable to talk to their managers about menopause.
  • 60% say their symptoms negatively impact their work.
  • 50% find it difficult to cope with work at menopause.
  • 2% are on long term sick leave.
  • 7 years ago, this was me too. 

When severe brain fog struck leaving me with no confidence and unable to perform my best at work … I was fired! It was an unfair dismissal, but nevertheless shocking and distressing.

Please don’t let this happen to you.

It’s totally possible to sail through menopause feeling great with minimal symptoms, but you have to take action. 

Whether you want to take HRT medication or not, it’s vital that you ensure your nutrition and lifestyle are working with you and not against you. 

After all, post menopause you could have another 30-50 years of life to live ahead of you!

I strongly believe that menopause can be a positive, life affirming new life stage and armed with the right information and support you can too!

Would love to know whether you agree with me on this?

Let me know!

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