Supplements – Which One is Right for You?

Supplements – Which One is Right for You?

Finding the right supplements and vitamins for when you are in perimenopause or menopause can be a minefield. Although you may be having success with HRT, you still might be looking for supplementation to help and aid your symptoms, or, you might be somebody who would like to try natural supplementation before trying HRT.

As soon as you start to do the smallest bit of research on the internet, it becomes quite bewildering as to how many ingredients are said to help perimenopause and menopause. Not every supplement contains every ingredient that is said to help, but it’s finding the right combination for you and what works for you.

One thing I have very much learnt about perimenopause and menopause is that there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to treatment. Some people need more. Some people need less. Some people have success with HRT. Some people do not. It’s all about tailor making your solutions that help you.

To that end, I thought I would do some of the legwork for you and pinpoint 10 key ingredients that can occur in many different supplements, and I have disseminated what each one is said to improve, and which ever one talks to you the most, then research and find a supplement that has all your specific needs and requirements in it.

Maca Root
Studies suggest that Maca may benefit or help alleviate symptoms, including hot flashes and interrupted sleep.

Milk Thistle
This is a great liver cleanser, and a healthy liver is vital for hormonal balance. This can help reduce mood swings and manage anxiety.

A staple ingredient that is crucial for maintaining strong bones and preventing osteoporosis during menopause. It can also help with insomnia, depression and in reducing severity of cramps.

A very effective mood balancer, it can help decrease the overproduction of cortisol, which is a stress hormone.

Siberian Ginseng
Help reduce fatigue, help brain function – the dreaded ‘Brain Fog’!

Promotes heart health, anti-inflammatory, helps slow ageing process, full of anti oxidents.

Gingko Bilboa
Can reduce inflammation, can help psyhciatric disorders, can help PMS symptoms, can help brain function.

Helps reduce anxiety & stress, reduce cortisol levels, anti-inflammatory properties.

The most common sources of phytoestrogens are soy and flaxseeds. Flaxseeds contain potent phytoestrogens called lignans and scientists’ believe that lignans are responsible for improving menopausal symptoms.

Sage Leaf

The cause of the hot flash is down to one very important gland, the hypothalamus. As a master gland, it is the hypothalamus’ job to keep all of the hormones in check and in balance with each other. Another of its major responsibilities is regulating body temperature. During peri-menopause, as hormone levels start to fluctuate, the hypothalamus tries desperately to keep all of its plates spinning, sometimes at the cost of regulating body temperature. Sage leaf is known to help with this massively.

I hope that’s helpful? I hope its saved you wading through the many, many websites I had to just whittle it down to 10 – but there are MANY more that are brilliant, but these seem to be some of the most potent and hopefully effective for you?

I also wanted to say you – well done, well done for reaching out and reading, and being open to the idea of supplementation, you are stronger than you think.

One foot in front of the other – you’ve got this.


Angeline 🦋

Angeline Davies is a qualified Health Coach Specialising in Perimenopause and Menopause.
Accredited By The PCI Royal College of General Practitioners.

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