Why you should embrace your [menopause] moody ****!

Why you should embrace your [menopause] moody ****!

Mood swings are a classic menopausal symptom and caused by fluctuating hormone levels as your body tries to cope with peaks in oestrogen & dips in progesterone. They’re a scaled-up version of premenstrual syndrome [PMS].

So if you find yourself more easily triggered [especially at this time of year]and one moment deliriously happy to the next unexplainably sad, before you rush to medicate away your newly discovered inner moody bitch, I invite you to stop and think for a moment.

Take a close look at anything in your life that is triggering you, are you being unreasonable or is there something that you are unhappy or irritated by? 

Maybe… just maybe, there’s something that needs addressing and doing something about.

Chances are that now your hormones of accommodation are waning, there are some issues or behaviours that previously were tolerable, that are no longer.

It’s too easy to forget that we are mammals and that it’s normal for our hormones to fluctuate and cycle. We’re not designed to be on constant, that’s not how we evolved.

So let’s not be too quick to medicate away this new found moody bitch. Whatever is triggering you, don’t ignore it, it may be a gentle nudge towards taking action towards a happier, more positive and more fulfilled future.

Take a look at your triggers and let me know if there’s one thing in your life that you would LOVE to change?

And for more inspiration on this topic read the fabulous ‘Moody Bitches – the truth about the drugs your taking, the sleep you’re missing, the sex you’re not having & what’s really making you crazy..’ by Dr. Julie Holland.

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